Methods (treatment approaches)

In recent years, the focus of my work has shifted more and more to a holistic view of issues. From my point of view, when treating a physical disorder, it is also useful to consider the energetic situation, the emotional state and the mental attitude of the person. Working with my clients always involves the idea of changing their current attitude. On a physical and emotional level, this often means a flow or coming back into flow. On a mental level, this usually means that a change of attitude is helpful. In order to be able to achieve a change at all levels, I work with holistic techniques. In my practice, these are mainly the biodynamic approach of craniosacral therapy, osteopathic techniques, the Liebscher & Bracht method, ideas from the Body Mind Centering approach, voice, movement and improvisation. With my methods, I have the idea of a wakening or rather using the self-healing ability and creativity of the individual in order to achieve a new and healthier state on all levels.

Self-healing ability

From my point of view, healing always happens out of your own system. A wide variety of methods (regardless of whether conventional or alternative medicine, psychological or otherwise) can serve as a stimulus, but do not cause the healing process. After all these years with different disease processes with clients but also with me, I am always amazed at which measure when and which change triggers. Most likely, the feeling of being touched is the trigger, a kind of wondrous wakefulness that makes me/the client listen and take notice of what is happening. The ability to be aware of/in contact at the moment with one's symptoms/feelings is certainly something that can help a lot. The idea of a self-healing ability means freedom and self-empowerment in equal measure, because who else is more capable of contacting me than myself? The therapist/doctor whom the client seeks and whom he primarily chooses is also responsible, no question about it. But the real power of healing lies within us, that is my firm belief. I am aware that this perspective leads to a proper shift in forces within the system. Away from the healers of this world, towards us all. But once again: what is meant is that I am responsible for myself, but I can ask for any help that makes sense to me.

Health - Illness

After the concept of self-healing power, I would also like to discuss the highly polar terms, health and illness, a little. I believe one is impossible without the other. Because health is not a static state for me. In the contexts that I observe in nature, there are no static states at all. Everything is in a constant process of adapting and changing as long as it wants to survive/live. So the human being with its body, its feelings and its convictions is challenged again and again to adapt them to changed circumstances. We could call these adaptation processes illness. We could call them just as well as maturation processes. For me, in this also lies an aspect of self-empowerment. I am thus less at the mercy of an "illness" and could instead define it as a (temporary) adjustment. “I do something, I mature” probably feels more valuable than “I'm sick”.

Systems strengthening

After these thoughts on self-healing ability and self-empowerment in connection with health and illness, it seems logical to me to support the systems of the individual as much as possible. The state of my system determines how adaptably I can react to my surrounding (environment) world.

By system strengthening I mean every measure that leads to a relaxation and strengthening of the system. Incidentally, we can always strengthen the system. We don't necessarily have to wait for uncomfortable symptoms to appear.

Methods (medicine for ingestion)

As part of my healing activity, in addition to touch, movement and conversation, taking medical remedies are also used. I work with plant extracts in various preparations and like to call them my "gentle helpers". I am well aware that a herbal remedy can be very powerful. Still, I feel these kinds of remedies as being gentle, almost loving. In self-study with plants outdoor in nature and processing them into teas, ointments or tinctures, this impression has strengthened for me. Here, too, a connection is close to my heart. Based on the idea of Paracelsus that every plant has its own signature (a kind of internal order), the plant works on a subtle level as well as on a purely physical-organic level. Depending on the level at which a change in therapy is to be supported, there are plant extracts in various preparations. If the level is very fine and emotional, I like to use Bach flowers. If body and soul are to be addressed equally, the elaborately prepared extracts from Soluna can help. For primarily physical changes, there are e.g. preparations from gemmotherapy. In this context I would like to mention that changing the food we eat every day can also be an effective therapeutic measure.

What can be treated

Main goal

For me, the aim of the treatment is to support the patient in establishing a more stable inner contact - to their own mental state. Because only this internal contact enables us to gain insight into the current state of the person concerned. Then we work out together the possible and desired measures that are most most useful for the change of this state.