Improvisation with texts

There's a time for fishing in the dark, Now

„"Fishing in the dark" is the new task of our time. And namely with self-confidence. Doing without knowing. The task is mainly to begin before we understand.

In this way we learn to recognize that understanding is a process that only exists because we created it ourselves, like everything that is humanly understandable in the world, as a concept, so to speak. Otherwise we would not be able to understand these concepts. Therein lies the crux. We create - or rather - define processes and then use their mode of action as "reality" in the field. What I'm saying is that the idea that intellect, emotion or perception are separted from each other, is a human invention. There is nothing less objectionable to this than that any other definition is equally real. Instead, however, we postulate that this definition is our reality. But it is only a premise, without which hardly any train of thought would function as we have it today. For example, we define a cognitive process separately from an emotional process; or we distinguish visual from auditory perception; we contrast six "real" senses with one (or more?) extrasensory perceptions. Why are we doing this? And: Why am I asking all this? The above separations of arbitrarily defined areas do not agree with my experience. For as long as I can remember, I've tried to feel the pre-chewed ideas of others inside me so that I'm doing something right. What a pitiful limitation of my postulated multidimensionality of my perception during a meditation. My thinking has never really been able to grasp what quantum theory means, but I do realize that information I receive during a meditation is real, although I cannot say if I heard a voice, saw an image or had a feeling. It was something in between. I had to get there on my own, because even meditation teachers, who are already far more open-minded than average scientific brains, sometimes have the illusion that one can restrict perceptions into these narrow, man-made boundaries of visual or auditory (for example only). The reality of this information gained in a meditation can be recognized for me by the fact that after receiving it, I encounter things in life and in everyday life of which I have not the slightest idea how they found their way to me. But that's not important to me. I'm glad they find their way to me.

One could now say that these processes of autonomy are important and are part of an individuation, after all everyone has to find their own way, but I wonder why?

It seems like a perpetual distraction from all the wonderful things we could start realizing instead. Where could our knowledge lead us if we no longer confine it to the tight corset of our invented thinking limits? I can only imagine the richness to which this knowledge is able to lead us on all levels.

Just one more thing: I believe there is some positive potential of this kind in our current world. The more we are all together willing to give up the artificial limitations of our imaginations, the larger the field of ideas will be for accessing this world constructively, and for a humane (in the best sense) and fair world, as well as effect a good life for all beings on this earth. (Not just for 1% of people, to quote Vandana Shiva's wonderful book title: “Oneness vs THE 1%”).

Silvia Krull, Munich, January 30, 2022

Improvisation with questions

Everyone knows about the placebo effect, but nobody believes in spiritual healing

We - as being human beings, have enormous mental capacities, and we are always denying this ability, why?

My life also includes the desire to improvise with movement, dance and sounds.

For this reason I offer open groups in my practice. Between 5 and 10 people can meet there once a month to sing simple songs together with me or to improvise freely with sounds. The following applies to me:

It is not my voice that obeys me, but I listen to my voice.

Meins, Silvia Krull, May 2021

Vendere, Healingsong, Silvia Krull, November 2021

Lizards disappear, the moment, you stop looking at them, Silvia Krull, Juni 2022

November Snow, Silvia Krull, 22.11.22

I also made a heartfelt wish come true with my friend

A common appearance format. Here is a brief description:

Our world has many voices
And together they make something special

Magdalena and Silvia sing in several voices

Songs from near and far.

Songs from East and West.

Wherever two different voices are allowed to stand next to each other, does something amazing arise, a space?

Is a room where more than one voice resounds a room of permission?

It is a room in which sound arises that is more than the sum of two voices.

I work in my own practice by the main train station.

By profession I have been a speech therapist (training in Germany) since 1999 and a naturopath (training in Germany) since 2012.

On the previous pages I have attempted to describe my alternative medicine activities a little separately from my speech therapy work. In fact, however, I want to overcome the separation of different training and skills more and more, and instead strive for a connection between all of the treasures I have acquired over time.

For me, healing in a holistic sense is in the foreground, regardless of whether I am consulted as a speech therapist or as a non-medical practitioner.

I prefer to provide you with all of the treatment options I am familiar with, and work with you to choose the most suitable form of therapy for you.

Note: Practice changed address due to moving to Switzerland. The new practice address will follow as soon as it is open there. Until then, please feel free to direct your questions by email to me.